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Customer Reviews for Zach Bryan

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Engaging, Electric, one of the best I've seen at HSBC, Ever!

Joe C. from Buffalo, New York
11th March 2024

Just an electric show. Seemed like the crowd knew every word to every song. Couldn't recommend more! One reviewer said "Bad acoustics". These hockey arenas are not the best for sound, but I thought it sounded good. The opening acts did not have very good sound, but Zach's crew did a good job IMO. Prolific songwriter, who is humble and knows how to deliver. His band rocked! Thank you Zach. I had to take out a second mortgage to see you (Bought resale tickets), but you were worth it. My kids had the time of their lives!

Great Show!

HP from Cullman, Alabama
23rd March 2024

This was my second Zach Bryan show. He’s awesome! I’m not usually a fan of the arena shows. I prefer smaller or more open venues. But, this was absolutely the best arena show I’ve seen. He’s so appreciative and thankful to his fans. There’s only one thing I would change. I would’ve liked for JR Carroll to been the opener. But, all in all an amazing show, as always!

Horrible Acoustics, Skipped too many hits!

Carly from Detroit, Michigan
21st June 2024

First time seeing him live. Spent over a Grand! with 2 GA pit tickets, gas, food, parking; not very my homies hate ticket master of him is right! Almost passed on the show being at an arena like Ford field. Way too crowded, overpriced, sound is awful, parking is even worse. For that money Id rather an intimate place where spend a little more, get best views. Couldn't understand some songs sound was so bad, and he skipped too many hits! Hes making a one and done and if thats the kind artist he wants to be thats his circus, but sheesh, hes a newer public artist and that determines if I go to another show for sure. Something in the Orange made me listen and start following his music. 68 fastback, Deep Satin, The Good Ill do.. none were played.. very disappointed. Only awesome part was I spent time with my teenage daughter, she made it worth it.

Bad Accoustics

Jodi from San Diego, California
31st December 2023

Acoustics were definitely off. It just sounded loud. You could not hear the detail of every instrument like you can on his album. No crisp intimate acoustic sounds. Half the time the crowd was singing louder then he was.

Bad sound

Bart from Denver, Colorado
17th June 2024

Terrible sound. Couldn’t understand anything. Left early.